Testimony of Abu Yasin  one of the former prisoners who was tortured whilst in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

My name is Abu Yasin. I lived in Saudi Arabia in Madinah having valid official papers; I was arrested by Saudi Authorities in 2006.


People in four vehicles came to arrest me, they were all dressed unofficially, I didn’t know they were from the security service.

During my arrest I asked to see their identities – according to the norms – they said ‘later’, nobody told me why I was arrested or showed me his identity, I remember seeing some of them later in the interrogations.

While they were transferring me to the interrogation center I asked one of the soldiers what they wanted from me, he said, “We have some questions to ask you and you will return (home) after half an hour”, I didn’t know that I will stay with them for months and that this was the beginning of my suffering and deprivation of freedom and rights.

They threw me in a solitary cell, I was deprived of my simplest rights. They started interrogating me after leaving me there for 2 days, I was thinking of the reason of my arrest, I was not allowed to talk to prisoners in other cells.

When I asked them to allow me to call my family – who didn’t know what happened to me – the soldiers said,“You’re not allowed to make calls unless the interrogator permits”, and he never permitted that during all my imprisonment period.

Two days after being arrested without charge, I was taken to the interrogation block, blindfolded, my hands and feet were shackled. Five interrogators came in, I knew that from their voices, after some time they all left except one who removed the blindfolds and I saw him, he is the same person in the photo provided, I am not sure of his name because he didn’t introduce himself to me. Later on I learned that the names of interrogators are hidden from the prisoners in order to protect them from attributing crimes to them so they won’t be judged.

Since I and my fellow inmates – who were with me after 2 months of solitary confinement – didn’t know his name, we used to call him ‘the monkey’ due to the similarity between the two. That so called monkey was my main interrogator, others interrogated me too, one of them was the one who searched my house during the arrest, and others who were probably four, I didn’t know their names but I knew they were interrogators because other prisoners described them as such.


When I was shown the printed photo above I knew instantly and without thinking that this was my interrogator, and I bear witness that this person has tortured me a lot during interrogations.

Interrogations lasted more than 2 months, there was no particular time for it, sometimes at day sometimes at night, I was physically and psychologically tortured and here I mention some of what I have suffered:

1)     The person in the photo slapped me with his hand so hard on many occasions.

2)     The person in the photo used to kick me on my body so hard, I remember he came one day wearing a training suit and said, “I put that one to make it easier for me to beat you”, he normally wore the Saudi clothes (thawb).

3)     The person in the photo used to beat me with a thick gray electric wire that was less than 1 metre in length, that wire is well known and it is used to deliver electricity to houses, he used to beat me with that wire while my hands and feet were shackled and sometimes my hands were tied to a high place that I cannot move. He beat me on my back while my hands were tied behind my back and my feet were also tied, he lashed me with all his power, he beat me so hard. That severe beating and lashing left marks on my hands and they became swollen, those marks would last for a whole month, I asked for a doctor due to the severity of pain and swelling of my hands, but nobody answered.

4)     The interrogator mentioned above once threw a pen at my face and it was about to hit my eye and pierce it.

5)     That interrogator in the photo used to make terrible threats to me such as: I will never get out of prison and I shall remain under torture forever. He brought other interrogators while he beat me and they threatened me saying, “you will stay in prison till your hair turns white…you won’t see your family till you die” and once one of the interrogators other than the one in the photo above threatened me that they will send me to Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba. The interrogator in the photo above used to threaten me of using electric shocks and other things that I don’t remember.

6)     That interrogator in the photo used to order soldiers to bring me to the interrogation room late at night, and I remained in that room waiting on my nerves for the interrogator to come and torture me at any time, after long hours the soldier comes and takes me back to my cell, that was a way of psychological torture, the effects of that psychological torture lasted for a long time even after I was released, and till now I feel afraid and unsafe even if I am among my family.

7)     The living conditions in the prison were so hard, I didn’t have any clothes other than the ones I was wearing when I was arrested, I was not given any personal hygiene products for a month I couldn’t wash except after a month of my arrest, I was not given a pillow to sleep on, I used to put my head on my shoes so I could sleep, whenever I wanted to go to the bathroom to ease myself the soldier came late and I was not let in except after a long time, such things were the orders of the interrogators, no soldier can override the orders of the interrogators. I was deprived from making calls although I had requested that many times during my imprisonment period.


I remained in the prison for five months, I was not put on trial, I was not able to hire a lawyer, I was innocent and they offended me by taking away my freedom and torturing me.

In the end I wish that whoever reads this testimony strives for taking oppression off the oppressed ones in the Saudi interrogation prisons, pleads for them and helps put that interrogator mentioned above and anyone who offended me and other prisoners on trial.


Tonight BBC News night at 10:30pm is highlighting the issue’s about the implementation of the agreement and the humiliation, degradation and brutality against the Republican POW’s in Maghaberry prison.
Interviews will include one with Brendan Conway who is only released under fortnight ago and has first hand experience of the ill-treatment they are suffering.

Photo: Brendan Lillis – Brendan Lillis, a 59 year old former Life-sentence political prisoner from West Belfast, in Ireland, is currently desperately ill in the medical wing of the notorious Maghaberry prison, in County Antrim. He suffers from the intensely painful and progressive disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis which due to other medical complications has left himunable to move from his bed for 14 months and his weight has dropped to a perilous 6 stones (38.1 Kilos !). Due to a series of serious infections and medication which has compromised his immune system, Mr Lillis has been unable to eat, sleep or hold down even liquids for a period close to a month and is constant agony. In short, his health has deteriorated to such an extent that his partner Roisin, who is his only contact with the outside world, fears that he will die in his prison bed!

Friends of Brendan Lillis:

Sign the petition:​/releaseBrendylilli


ECHR Suspends the Extradition of Arbi Zarmaev – Belgian minister of Justice blocks

Saturday, 9 April 2011.
ECHR Suspends the Extradition of Arbi ZarmaevThe Pax Christi Association website has reported that the European Court of Human Rights has suspended the extradition of Arbi Zarmaev from Belgium to the Russian Federation.

According to the news, on April 5th the ECHR suspended the extradition ruling of the Belgian Ministry of Justice on Arbi Zarmaev, who is a Chechen refugee.

However, Arbi Zarmaev is still living in a darkened 2 x 3 meter isolation cell at the Bruges prison. Also, Arbi’s sister and brother have not been allowed to visit him for almost 10 days. Arbi’s right to communicate by letter or telephone was also revoked by prison administration.

Arbi was seen few days ago by his wife. The prison administration let her at her husband through a window. According to his wife, Arbi was lying motionless on the ground. Around him there were all kinds of medication and in the corners of the cell, a “white powder” seemed to be located.

*Text was written by Waynakh Online and edited by Michael Capobianco


After the tortures in the prisons of Hasselt and Bruges, Arbi is now totally isolated by Belgian Justice and the direction of the prison of Bruges.
That is the best way to break him and his family.

Some years ago Russia was critisized by the European Union because the Russian government used psychiatry and psychiatric drugs to eleminate all the political opposants in Russia.

But the European Union which is preaching ‘the respect for human rights’ does just te same.

They were isolating and torturing Arbi to make him mad. In the prison of Hasselt they didn’t give him water during 4 days but they were giving him the psychiatric drug Clopixil (a neurolepticum) which is used for so called ‘difficult social contacts’ and ‘fears’ (the fear to be murdered by torture).
In the prison of Bruges they give him the psychiatric drug Zyprexa, a so called antipsychoticum that is used against ‘delusions’ such as hearing, seeing and feeling things that are not there…(solitary confinement, torture,).
Zyprexa may also cause restlessness, extreme fatigue and speech problems.
That’s why the direction of the prison of Bruges said that Arbi “mumbled incoherent things’ (in Chechen language what Belgians can not understand).

The direction of the prison of Bruges wants lo let believe now to everybody, including Arbi’s brother and sister, that Arbi is really mad. That he does not know what he says and wants no further contact.

The direction said that Arbi best can be locked up in a closed psychiatric institution, in a special institution for mentally ill.

But 10 days ago, Arbi talked with his sister and brother. His sister and brother said he was completely exhausted, but his mind was mentally in order.

Just before the meeting of the Belgian Councel of State that confirmed the extradition of Arbi to Russia which is signed some weeks ago by the minister of Belgian Justice after his contact with the Russian embassy, Arbi was totally isolated.
His sister and brother could not longer visit him.

The direction of the prison and Arbi’s lawyer who has good contacts with the direction of the prison
continuously repeated that Arbi was ‘not very well’, “mumbled incoherent things’, ‘wanted not to sign the report notes of the prison for the admission of visits’ and ‘wanted no contact anymore’.
He was only allowed to have contact with his lawyer who has good contacts with the direction of the prison.
Arbi was declared mentally ill and with the aid of the lawyer, they hoped that his family would believe it.

The direction of the prison states that:
‘everybody can visit him but that he does not want some visit’ and that they have ‘to respect his will’.
‘he can phone but that he does not want to sign a report note for permission’
‘he can write but that he does not want to sign a report note for permission’
‘he can have a television in his loft but that he does not want to sign a report note for permission’

Nobody can control what he is really saying and they can say what they want.

Five days ago an italian doctor could visit Arbi, after a lot of problems about his profession (they didn’t believe he was a doctor). Arbi wanted to see his sister and brother. But they wanted do handcuffs around his wrists. He refused it because he had a lot of pain at his wrists. By the torturous treatment, he had deep wounds at his wrists which wre heavely infected. They could not sew the wounds.

I think that the torturous treatment he was undergoing, the totally isolation, all the lies about what is happening, and the neuroleptics, they are making him really mad.

I wrote about it to the minister of justice Stefaan De Clerck (christen-democrat party) who preaches that a ‘human and righteous justice’ but he didn’t answer me.
I wrote to mister Renaal Landuyt, a ‘socialist’ member of Belgian parliament who is specialised in justice and prison matters. He didn’t answer me.
Yesterday I wrote to Bart Staes, a member of the European Parliamant (Greens). I asked him to use his european mandate to visit Arbi in prison. I am waiting his reply.
I wrote to Pax Christi, a association that’s also working about human rights.
I contacted the Directorate General of the Belgian prisons in Brussels ( a few steps away of the Cabinet of Minister of justice Stefaan De Clerck). They promised me ‘to investigate the case’ but the only result of their ‘investigation’ is that the dramatic situation remains unchanged.

In the prison of Hasselt a Chechen without legs was locked up for 4 months.
In the prison of Bruges there is still detained a Chechen without legs.

In 2005 there were serious problems with some Kurds who where tortured on an unimaginable way in the prison of Bruges.
In 2008 the UN-Comittee Against Torture condamned Belgium for its torture practices in prisons.
Belgium was also criticized on a European level. But nothing changes and even the Belgian Prison Act of 2004 that provided for inspection, is not applied.