Rt Hon Baroness Warsi

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Dear Madam,

Concers: Gerard McManus, prisoner in the Maghaberry prison of Northern Ireland

I am working during several years with princess Jacqueline de Croÿ, member of the direction board of our association, about human rights in prisons and hospitals and I want to protest against the human rights violations in the Maghaberry prison  in Northern Ireland where people are isolated and tortured.

In three months time, there were 3 deaths in this prison.

The family of prisoner Gerard McManus had a scheduled visit which was to take place at 2.45pm on Wednesday 23rd June.

Following a prolonged period of waiting and with other visits scheduled for the same time already taking place, Gerards elderly father asking as to his son’s non appearance, was promptly told to sit down, then informed that Gerard would be there shortly.
The family remained seated as other visits ended and at 4pm Gerard was eventually brought to the visiting area.
At approximately 4.35pm, a Maghaberry screw, who appeared to be intoxicated ended the visit.
Gerard’s father remonstrated with him, stating that they had driven some 2 and a half hours to get there, been held in the visiting area for another 1 and a quarter hours and his scheduled visit was being cut short without reason.
The screw became verbally abusive to both the prisoner and his family and stated that he wished there were still soldiers like the ‘Shankill butchers’ to take care of people like them.
The riot squad was then called to remove the family from the visiting area and the prisoner back to his cell.
At this stage the guard who seemed drunken, was called away by his colleagues.
Gerard’s elderly father requested to see the Governor to register an official complaint about the sectarian abuse received and the fact that visits were being overseen by drunken sectarian guards.

A woman who claimed to be an Assistant Governor came down to meet him and immediately informed him that she was not interested in hearing his complaints and that they were to leave the gaol immediately.

I am waiting your answer.

Kindly regards,

Jan Boeykens, Faiderstraat 10, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
President Morkhoven Group