Nothern Ireland: Another dead by medical neglect in prison

July 17, 2011

Brendan Lillis, a 59 year old former Life-sentence political prisoner from West Belfast, in Ireland, is currently desperately ill in the medical wing of the notorious Maghaberry prison, in County Antrim. He suffers from the intensely painful and progressive disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis which due to other medical complications has left himunable to move from his bed for 14 months and his weight has dropped to a perilous 6 stones (38.1 Kilos !). Due to a series of serious infections and medication which has compromised his immune system, Mr Lillis has been unable to eat, sleep or hold down even liquids for a period close to a month and is constant agony. In short, his health has deteriorated to such an extent that his partner Roisin, who is his only contact with the outside world, fears that he will die in his prison bed!

It is not the first time that the British government which seems still to govern Northern Ireland, let suffer a political prisoner until his death in a Northern Irish prison.  This sadistic behavior that affects the whole Irish community, is part of the political repression and revenge of the British government.

In 2001, Kevin Murray died a few short weeks after finally being released from Portlaoise prison for the emergency hospital care which had been requested by himself, his family, and his fellow prisoners for several months prior to his death.

Kevin Murray (48) had been serving a 12 year sentence at Portlaoise Prison, Ireland; when early in 2001 he began to complain of severe headaches and dizziness.  Repeated visits to the prison doctor did not alleviate his increasingly severe headaches, or lead to proper medical attention to his very rapidly deteriorating physical health.

In mid-September of 2001, after a great deal of protest by fellow POWs and family and friends outside of the prison, Kevin was finally moved to an outside hospital to receive desperately needed medical attention for what was found at that late stage to be a massive brain tumor.  By this time, however, his condition had become inoperable; and he was transferred almost immediately from Beaumont Hospital to a hospice care facility near his family in Dundalk.  Kevin was administered last rights in early October after suffering a stroke which left him blind.  Several weeks later, on Tuesday, November 13th, Kevin lost his long struggle for life.

The Irish Freedom Committee demanded  a full inquiry into why this criminal and inhuman neglect was encouraged and permitted by an institution of the Irish Free State, resulting in an easily preventable loss of life.

Please make your voice heard HERE: 

Department of Justice
Michael McDowell, T.D.
Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
72-76, St. Stephen’s Green,
Dublin 2,
Phone: (From US) 011 353 1 – 6028202
Fax: (From US) 011 353 1 – 6615461

Friends of Brendan Lillis:

Sign the petition:​/releaseBrendylilli

More information about the death of Kevin Murray:

The press is covering up these cases…


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