Northern Ireland: Brendan Lillis is dying – Katie Hartwill

July 15, 2011

Brendan Lillis, a 59 year old former Life-sentence political prisoner from West Belfast, in Ireland, is currently desperately ill in the medical wing of the notorious Maghaberry prison, in County Antrim. He suffers from the intensely painful and progressive disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis which due to other medical complications has left himunable to move from his bed for 14 months and his weight has dropped to a perilous 6 stones (38.1 Kilos !). Due to a series of serious infections and medication which has compromised his immune system, Mr Lillis has been unable to eat, sleep or hold down even liquids for a period close to a month and is constant agony. In short, his health has deteriorated to such an extent that his partner Roisin, who is his only contact with the outside world, fears that he will die in his prison bed!  The doctor said that Brendan will die over 10 days.


The politicians…

Dear Ms F.,

Thank you for your further email. I have this morning spoken to the Northern Ireland Office who have assured me that they have contacted you directly today. I understand that jurisdiction over Mr Lillis’ case has been devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly and you will hearing from them directly regarding the situation. Please be assured that my office will continue to monitor the situation, and will of course keep you updated with any information we receive.

With best wishes,

Katie Katie Hartwill, Parliamentary Assistant to Chloe Smith MP

From my MPs office, still no acknowledgement from the home office. I recieved a “standard” we are looking into this from . Yvonne McIlroy Private Office Department of JusticeBlock BCastle Buildings Stormont Estate Belfast Owen Paterson advised that he has no jusidication since the devolution on power in 2010 and that David Ford is the person to contact. May be worth putting the pressure on him still though?

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  1. kruitvat Says:

    The British authorities are a little nervous about the growing attention for Brendan Lillis who is dying now in the Maghaberry prison of Northern Ireland. They made the page of the group​ages/Prisoners-Northern-Ir​eland/239622069389362 invisible on my sreen

  2. kruitvat Says:

    Brendan Lillis: ‘sensitive’​ages/Prisoners-Northern-Ir​eland/239622069389362

    The page you requested was not found
    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.
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    Go back to the previous page

  3. kruitvat Says:

    Brendan Lillis’ situation:

    Although the word hospital is used dont get confused with what is is there is at least a window in the cell to see out of brendan has no window nor can he have any interaction with anyone apart from the visit he gets he would he needs to be in a proper hospital with proper nurses who are trained to work with him all they are doing is providing pain relief and the more he sleeps the easier there life is as he dosent have to be acknowledged then by the priosn system

  4. kruitvat Says:

    And Amnesty International ?

    Some months ago, we worked for the release of the political prisoner Arbi Zarmaev.
    Amnesty International USA did something for him…​-Amnesty_International_USA_dem​ande_la_liberation_du_Commanda​nt_Zarmaev___en.htm

    Amnesty International USA calls for the release of Commander Zarmaev
    Amnesty International USA calls for the release of Commander Arbi Zarmaev​-Amnesty_International_USA_dem​ande_la_liberation_du_Commanda​nt_Zarmaev___en.htm

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