Northern Ireland: a danger for the public

June 27, 2011

People working for the State, come always with the same nonsense: ‘He is a danger for the public’. OK, some persons are a danger for the public. But how can a man as Brendan Lillis who was locked up during 20 years in one of the most inhuman prisons of the world, who is very sick and can not longer eat, who lies now during 450 days in bed and who risks to die one of the coming days, still be a ‘danger for the public’ ?

Photo: members of government


5 Responses to “Northern Ireland: a danger for the public”

  1. kruitvat Says:

    Please make this phone call today for Brendan. Dr Palmer is to testify as to Brendan’s medical condition and the more concerned phone calls he receives on Brendan’s behalf, the better.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 URGENT PHONE CALLS NEEDED TO MAGHABERRY JAIL DOCTOR ———— Brendan Lillis Dying – Fiancée ———–

    The Irish Freedom Committee is urging all supporters of Irish republican prisoners in the US to place a short phone call tomorrow to Maghaberry Prison Medical Center, to appeal for the immediate humanitarian release of Brendan Lilllis. Brendan’s fiancée Roisin has been told by prison doctors today that he has very little time left to live. Please call the Maghaberry Prison Medical Center tomorrow at the number posted below and ask to speak with Doctor Palmer. Please be polite but firm, and state that you are calling with your urgent concerns for Brendan Lillis, who you have learned is now close to death. Brendan has not left his bed in over a year and a half. You are calling to urge the immediate, compassionate and humanitarian release of this very ill man to his home; so that he may pass in peace with his loved ones around him. All charges against him have been dropped, so there should be no reasonable objection to this humane, and long overdue, decision. Brendan’s fiancée asks that we direct our appeals to Doctor Palmer as she believes that he is a humanistic person who has become frustrated with the system that is responsible for the continued internment of her critically ill loved one in jail without charge. FROM UNITED STATES: Use a calling card and a land line for your MINIMUM expense. Phone 011-44-28-9261-1888. Ask to be transferred to the Medical Center, and ask to speak to Doctor Palmer. Time zones in the US are behind Irish 5 hours on the East Coast, 6 hours Central US, 7 hours Southwest, and 8 hours in Pacific Northwest. Ideally you should ring between 9AM and 3PM Irish time. BRENDAN’S TIME IS SHORT, and this call will take you less that 5 minutes; and with a calling card, cost you very little. Thank you for your continued support to the families of Irish republican political prisoners. *********************

    by: Irish Freedom Committee, Inc.

  2. kruitvat Says:

    Human Rights in Ireland

    Response to Review of the Northern Ireland Prison Service: Conditions, management and oversight of all prisons Prison Review Team, Interim Report, Belfast, February 2011

    Successive reports by the prisons and criminal justice inspectorates, Independent Monitoring Boards, Prisoner Ombudsman, the Human Rights Commission, case-specific inquiries and coroner’s inquests have documented serious failings in the prison system, its management, staffing and regimes. These failings have resulted in a range of deprivations, human rights breaches, mental ill-health and avoidable deaths of prisoners. Despite statements to the contrary by successive Directors, the Prison Service has appeared unwilling, unable or both to respond effectively to a plethora of recommendations. Regrettably the well-documented breakdown in relations between prison management and the Prison Officers Association (POA) has led to each holding the other responsible for the impasse. ‘Unachieved recommendations’, states the RT, hang ‘like a dead weight’ on the Prison Service (PRT, 2011: 29).

  3. kruitvat Says:

    Where is Pauline McCabe, Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland ?

    During the last months, 3 prisoners died in the Maghaberry prison of Northern Ireland and Brendan Lillis is dying. But the Prisoner Ombudsman is not worried…

    Are they waiting on Brendan’s funeral ?

    They can better close all these onbudsservices. They don’t work and the taxpayer is victim of these government propaganda institutions.

    In two weeks time, I worked as hard as this Prisoner ombudsman and her team of investigators in 1 year.


    Pauline McCabe, Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland

    The Prisoner Ombudsman is appointed by the Minister of Justice for Northern Ireland and investigates complaints from prisoners held in Northern Ireland who remain unhappy with the answer they have received from the Prison Service. The Ombudsman is completely independent of the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS).
    With effect from 1 September 2005 the remit of the Prisoner Ombudsman was extended as required by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to investigate deaths in Prison Service Custody.
    With effect from 1 February 2010 the remit of the Prisoner Ombudsman was further extended to include investigation of complaints from visitors to prison.
    The current Ombudsman is Pauline McCabe, and a team of investigators and other staff support her.

    The Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, 22nd Floor, Windsor House, Bedford Street, Belfast BT2 7FT
    Tel: 028 9044 3982 Fax: 028 9044 3993 Freephone: 0800 7836317

  4. kruitvat Says:

    I read: ‘With effect from 1 September 2005 the remit of the Prisoner Ombudsman was extended as required by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to investigate deaths in Prison Service Custody.’

    2005 !

    I begin to understand why there are so much deaths in Maghaberry prison.

  5. Boeykens Says:

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    Audio from Pilots Row meeting –​=xPlrXlHcyIo&

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