Friends of Brendan Lillis: Maghaberry prisoners – investigation

June 7, 2011

Motion relating to Maghaberry prisoners successfully passed in Newry & Mourne Council

I’m just back from the Newry & Mourne Council monthly meeting. I raised the prisoners plight highlighting the fact that the previous Council had agreed to send a delegation to investigate the prisoners concerns but postponed it when the August 12th agreement 2010 was passed. I proposed a motion that, in the light of the continued strip searching of prisoners it is vital that a Council delegation visit the prisoners as a matter of urgency. The motion was passed without objection.

Cllr. Davy Hyland!/home.php?sk=group_132734503459781&id=158899877509910&notif_t=like


13 Responses to “Friends of Brendan Lillis: Maghaberry prisoners – investigation”

  1. kruitvat Says:

    Northern Ireland – Prison Service

    Maghaberry Prison:

    Maghaberry Prison
    Old Road
    Ballinderry Upper
    BT28 2PT

    Tel: 028 9261 1888
    Fax: 028 9261 9516

    Acting Governor:
    Pat Maquire

    1019 staff
    745 in single cell accommodation

    Brief description:
    Maghaberry is a modern high security prison housing adult male long term sentenced and remand prisoners, in both separated and integrated conditions.

    Maghaberry has two principal objectives: to service the courts and to provide programmes that allow prisoners the opportunity to develop skills to assist in their preparation for release into the community.

    The Northern Ireland Prison Service is an agency within the Department of Justice.

  2. kruitvat Says:


    Visitors to prisons:
    A visitor to one of our prisons may make a complaint about:
    · his or her treatment by any person employed in the Northern Ireland Prison Service;
    · the facilities available to him or her at the prison; and
    · the cleanliness and adequacy of prison premises.

    Find out more about how to complain here: [link to “HOW TO COMPLAIN – VISITORS”]
    Download visitors complaint booklet here: [link to “MAKE A COMPLAINT – VISITORS”]

    Prisoner complaints:
    Prisoners and former prisoners, may also complain about:

    · his or her treatment by any person employed in the Northern Ireland Prison Service, including provision for his health and welfare while in prison;

    · the facilities available to him or her at the prison; and

    · the cleanliness and adequacy of prison premises.

    Prisoner complaint forms are readily available on all landings and the Northern Ireland Prison Service operates a confidential complaints system.

    Former prisoners wishing to make a complaint should submit it in writing to the Governor of the prison where he/she was most recently imprisoned. The complaint must be submitted within 21 days of the incident which forms the basis of the complaint.

    Find out more about the internal complaints process here: [link to “HOW TO MAKE A COMPLAINT – PRISONERS”]

    If you are still not satisfied:
    Where a prisoner, ex-prisoner or visitor has exhausted the internal complaints process and is not satisfied with the response they have received they may pass their complaint to the Prisoner Ombudsman ( ); Freephone 08007836317) or contact the Assembly Ombudsman ( ); Telephone 028 9023 3821

  3. kruitvat Says:



    Through public consultation the Government provides an opportunity for stakeholders and the wider public to contribute to policies and legislation.
    The Government’s aim is to increase the involvement of people and groups in public consultation and to seek their views. The consultation period will normally last for a minimum of 12 weeks to give the public time to respond, although there are circumstances in which shorter consultation will be unavoidable.
    Consultations are carried out in accordance with the Cabinet Office Code of Practice on Written Consultations which sets new standards for consultation documents issued by the Government

  4. kruitvat Says:


    Northern Ireland Civil Service Equal Opportunities Policy Statement
    The Northern Ireland Civil service (NICS) is committed to providing equality of opportunity.

    It is our policy that all eligible persons shall have equal opportunity for employment and advancement in the NICS on the basis of their ability, qualifications and aptitude for the work. Everyone has a right to equality of opportunity and to a good and harmonious working environment and atmosphere in which all workers are encouraged to apply their diverse talents and in which no worker feels under threat or intimidated. This right is protected in many intances by legislation.

    In order to provide a high quality service to the people of Northern Ireland the NICS needs to recruit, retain and promote the best available people. Our equal opportunities policy is central to this strategy. We aim to foster a culture which encouragess every member of satff to develop his or her full potential and which rewards achievement. Creating a working environment where individual differences are valued and respected enables all staff to give of their best and helps us to respond more effectively to the needs of the people we serve.

    The NICS seeks to maintain the confidence of the whole community. It will continue to promote equality of opportunity and fair participation within the framework of the law and will strive to achieve a workforce that is broadly representative of the society which it serves.

    It is the responsibility of all staff to be aware of and to apply this policy. Both Management and Trade Union Side are fully committed to the policy and will endeavour to ensure its full implementation.

    NICS includes the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

    See also the Prison Service Affirmative Action Strategy.

    NIPS has prepared a detailed Careers Information Pack, giving details on the types of posts within the Northern Ireland Prison Service, salary scales and how to apply when vacancies become available.

  5. kruitvat Says:

    History of the Northern Ireland Prison Service

    The complex and unique history of the Prison Service must be set in the context of the civil unrest in Northern Ireland over the past 30 years.

    In that time 29 staff have been murdered because of their employment, and many others, including their families, have been permanently or seriously injured or been subject toprolonged physical, verbal and psychological intimidation and abuse.

    A summary of key events in the recent history of Northern Ireland prisons can be found by following the appropriate links in the right menu bar.

    Also included in this section is the “Roll of Honour” for the Northern Ireland Prison Service, a small tribute to those members of staff who have been murdered due to serving with the Service.

    Please note that a book entitled ” The Northern Ireland Prison Service 1920-1990 A History ” by Jim Challis is available from . The book costs £10.00 plus postage and packaging.

  6. kruitvat Says:


    The Prison Estate in Northern Ireland comprises:

    Maghaberry – A modern high security prison housing adult male long term sentenced and remand prisoners, in both separated and integrated conditions. Immigration detainees are accomodated in the Prison’s Belfast facility;

    Magilligan – Magilligan is a medium to low security prison which holds male prisoners with nine years or less to serve

    Maze – The Maze site was transferred to the Northern Ireland Executive on 31 March 2004; any queries in relation to the Maze site should be directed to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister(OFMDFM) at 028090 528648;

    Hydebank Wood – A medium to low security young offenders centre and prison, accommodating remand and sentenced male young offenders and female prisoners both remand and sentenced;

    Prison Service College, Millisle – The Service’s training college;

    Prison Service Headquarters – The main administrative centre for the NI Prison Service.

  7. kruitvat Says:


    The Northern Ireland Prison Service is an agency within the Department of Justice. It is responsible for the operation and delivery of services within the Northern Ireland prison system. Its main statutory duties are set out in the Prison Act (Northern Ireland) 1953.

    The Prison Service, through its staff, serves the community by keeping in secure, safe and humane custody those committed by the courts and, by working with prisoners and with other organisations, seeks to reduce the risk of re-offending and in so doing aims to protect the public and to contribute to peace and stability in Northern Ireland.

    The Prison Service headquarters is located at Dundonald House in the stormont estate. There are three prison establishments, namely, Maghaberry, Magilligan and Hydebank Wood Young Offenders Centre and Prison. The Prison Service College is located at Millisle.


    HMP Maghaberry – A modern high security prison housing adult male long term sentenced and remand prisoners, in both separated and integrated conditions. Immigration detainees are accomodated in the Prison’s Belfast facility.

    HMP Magilligan – a medium security prison housing shorter-term adult male prisoners which also has low security accommodation for selected prisoners nearing the end of their sentence;

    HM Prison and Young Offenders’ Centre, Hydebank Wood – a medium to low security establishment accommodating male young offenders and all female prisoners (including female immigration detainees).

  8. kruitvat Says:

    Director General Northern Ireland Prison Service

    Message from the Director General, Colin McConnell,

    Northern Ireland Prison Service

    Welcome to the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) website. I hope you find the site interesting, useful and informative.

    NIPS is an organisation that is changing and is determined to learn and to improve. Modernisation is underway.

    My Vision is for a NIPS that is well led and well managed, compact and cost-effective; has a motivated, fit, flexible and well trained workforce; maintains a working and living environment that is safe, decent and secure; that works in partnership and is focused on the offender, reducing the risk of reoffending on release; and is respected and valued by the community it serves.

    NIPS is a proud Service with a sense of its place in Northern Ireland’s recent history. I want to ensure that it becomes a Service to be proud of in Northern Ireland’s future.”

    Colin joined NIPS from the England and Wales Prison Service, although he began his management career as an Assistant Governor in the Scottish Service in 1986.

    Moving to HMPS in 1992, his posts included Deputy Governor of Full Sutton, Governor of Risley and Head of Pay & Employee Relations.

    From there Colin served as Programme Director for the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) Human Resources Transformation Programme, which led to the introduction of the Shared Service Centre Approach. Colin has previously held two HMPS Area Manager Posts, where he was responsible for a wide range of prisons including a site operated by the private sector.

    His most recent role in the National Offender Management Service was Bids Director and Head of the Public Sector Bids Unit.

    Married with 5 children, Colin enjoys running, music and has a particular interest in most things connected with science.

  9. kruitvat Says:


    Link :
    Department of Justice
    Category : Government

    Link :
    Housing Advice NI – Housing advice for Prisons

    Link :
    Northern ireland Court Service
    Category : Government

    Link :
    The official government website for the people of Northern Ireland
    Category : Government

    Link :
    The UK Statute Law Database (SLD)
    Category : Government

    Link :
    Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
    Category : Related Businesses

    Link :
    Criminal Justice Inspectorate for Northern Ireland
    Category : Other

    Link :
    Northern Ireland Probation Board
    Category : Related Businesses

    Link :
    Online guide to the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland.
    Category : Government

    Link :
    Causeway Programme Northern Ireland
    Category : Government

    Link :
    HM Prison Service
    Category : Prison Services

    Link :
    Scottish Prison Service
    Category : Prison Services

    Link :
    Irish Prisons Service
    Category : Prison Services

    Link :
    Northern Ireland Assembly
    Category : Government

    Link :
    Northern Ireland Executive
    Category : Government

    Link :
    Northern Ireland Sentences Act
    Category : Other

    Link :
    Web site of the Office of the Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
    Category : Related Businesses

  10. kruitvat Says:

    Press Release: Death in custody at Maghaberry

    Listed below are the Press Releases issued by the Northern Ireland Prison Service this year to date.

    Death in custody at Maghaberry

    Date Created – Sunday 22 May 11 @ 00:00

    The Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) regrets to announce the death in custody of a remand prisoner at Maghaberry Prison this morning.

    Aaron Hogg (21) was pronounced dead in his cell by a doctor at approximately 6.37am this morning. His family have been informed.

    The PSNI, Coroner and Prisoner Ombudsman have all launched investigations into the death.

    Director General of the NIPS, Colin McConnell said: “The Northern Ireland Prison Service deeply regrets this tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. We should also spare a thought for those members of NIPS staff who have to cope personally and professionally with these distressing events.”

    Notes to editors:

    1. Media queries to DOJ press office. Out of hours contact pager number 07699715440 and your call will be returned.

    Contact Details

    Contact: Website Manager

  11. kruitvat Says:

    Justice Minister David Ford

    Ford vows to continue to deliver improvements to justice system
    Newly re-elected Justice Minister David Ford has vowed to continue with his ambitious agenda to reshape the justice system (16th May 2011).

    Ford meets new Irish Justice Minister
    Justice Minister David Ford has today (24th March 2011) met with the recently appointed Irish Justice Minister, Alan Shatter TD.
    The Chief Constable Matt Baggott and Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan were also present

    6 June 2011
    Ford Faces Maghaberry Prison Problems
    There are fresh problems over prison conditions at Co Antrim’s Maghaberry gaol.

    The Stormont Justice Minister David Ford has been warned by the DUP ‘not to give in to dissident republican demands’ for Maghaberry prisoners to be given political status, while the Sinn Fein Vice-Chair of the Assembly Justice Committee, Raymond McCartney MLA (Foyle) has called for a prior ‘agreement reached between prisoners and the Prison administration to be implemented in full as a matter of urgency’.

    “There are continuing concerns about the treatment of prisoners being held in Maghaberry with allegations of prisoners being mistreated by prison staff,” said the former republican prisoner.

    “Carál Ní Chuilín and myself have met with senior prison management on numerous occasions to outline our ongoing concerns about the situation in Roe House and in relation to the prison system overall.

    “During that process an agreement was reached between the prisoners and the administration. This agreement needs to be implemented in full as a matter of urgency,” he said.

    “I will be pressing the administration and the Justice Minister on the mater to ensure that this is done.”

    On Saturday dissident republican supporters protested outside the prison and a ‘dirty protest’ is continuing inside the jail.

    But DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said: “They are demanding free association within the prison which is tantamount to special category status, similar to what would have been happening in the old Maze Prison.

    “We’re absolutely clear that David Ford must resist these threats of violence from dissidents seeking concessions.”


    In May this year, republican inmates at Maghaberry wrecked their cells and began hurling defecation onto the prison’s landings.

    The protest came after a judge ruled that full body searches of prisoners at Maghaberry was lawful.

    But a spokesman for the inmates in question – the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, considered to be the political wing of the Real IRA – said the action was being taken after an alleged deal was reneged on by the prison administration.

    Sinn Fein Assembly member Caral Ni Chuilan has since called on the Justice Minister to intervene as a matter of urgency in the ongoing situation and reiterated that a prior deal has been reneged on.

    Speaking last month, Ms Ni Chuilan commented: “In August last year after lengthy negotiations an agreement on the future management of Roe House was reached between the prisoners, the administration and the Department of Justice.

    “It is clear that the prisoners in Roe House believe that the terms of that agreement have not been honoured.

    See: Real IRA Prisoner’s Resume ‘Dirty’ Protest


  12. kruitvat Says:


    Surgery can help Brendan Lillis. Instead, he suffers and gets worse under the control of Maghaberry Prison: ” Chronic pain and stiffness are the most common complaints of patients with AS. More than 70% of patients report daily pain and stiffness.

    Fatigue is another common complaint of patients with AS, occurring in approximately 65% of patients. Most patients report their fatigue to be moderately severe. Increased levels of fatigue are associated with increased pain and stiffness and decreased functional capacity.

    Severe physical disability is not common among patients with AS. Problems with mobility occur in approximately 47% of patients. Disability is related to the duration of the disease, peripheral arthritis, cervical spine involvement, younger age at onset of symptoms, and coexisting illnesses. Disability has been demonstrated to improve with prolonged periods of exercise or surgical correction of peripheral joint and cervical spine involvement. ”

    Caroline Kelly!/home.php?sk=group_132734503459781

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