European Union: die in an Irish prison

May 25, 2011

An inmate has died in prison in Northern Ireland, the Prison Service said.

Remand prisoner Aaron Hogg, 21, was pronounced dead in his Maghaberry Prison cell on Sunday.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland, coroner and Prisoner Ombudsman have launched investigations into the death.

A spokesman for the Co Antrim prison said on Sunday: “The Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) regrets to announce the death in custody of a remand prisoner at Maghaberry Prison this morning.”

His family has been informed.

Director general of the prison service Colin McConnell said: “The Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) deeply regrets this tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time.

“We should also spare a thought for those members of NIPS staff who have to cope personally and professionally with these distressing events.”

Hogg was on remand accused of the attempted murder of a man aged 18 in north Belfast last September. It was in connection with an alleged assault in Silverstream Gardens. He was also accused of causing actual bodily harm.

Earlier this month two prisoners died at Hydebank in south Belfast, which holds young offenders and women. Samuel Carson, 19, died despite efforts by prison staff to revive him in his cell at the prison’s Elm 1 wing. Carson had been awaiting trial on charges of sexual activity with a child.

Frances McKeown, 23, was found in her cell a few hours later during a routine check by staff in Ash 4 wing. McKeown had admitted hijacking a car, possessing a knife, dangerous driving and three counts of criminal damage to police cars. She was awaiting sentencing.


One Response to “European Union: die in an Irish prison”

  1. Judyann Haney Says:

    The deaths of the Prison Inmates, are a symptom. The root needs to be publicly exposed, held legally accountable, and be legally neutralized. Northern Ireland, is in the “forefront” of a “New History Path” The standard of the investigations, of these deaths by all means, without question should reflect. Northern Ireland is not who she was, even 30 days ago. She is more. She is demonstrating through “Sheer Political Will” Padraig Pearse’s from 1916…. “Where we have failed, our children will do a better deed” We Are The Children.

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